Standard press brake

Standard press brake

The folding is to obtain a sheet metal part with straight edges and generatrices.

This unit of the Geka machines require, dismantling and clear the punching area.

In this way we locate this useful tool to make this work.

This unit meets the European directives relevant to the manufacture of this type of industrial machines. In the European Union Geka sells only Bendicrop model.


  • Microcrop Bendicrop
  • Minicrop Microcrop
  • Hydracrop 55 Minicrop / Multicrop


Machine Bending power kN Maximum capacity
Microcrop 36 40 Ton 3" x 1/2"
Minicrop 45 Ton 3" x 35/64"
Multicrop 45 Ton 3" x 35/64"
Bendicrop 50 Ton 4x3/8"
Hydracrop 55S 55 Ton

19 11/16x1/8"
11 13/16x3/8"

Hydracrop 80S 80 Ton

23 5/8x1/8"
13 25/32x3/8"

Hydracrop 110S 80 Ton

27 9/16"x1/8"
15 3/4"x3/8"

Hydracrop 165SD 165 Ton

27 9/16"x1/8"
15 3/4"x15/32"

Hydracrop 220 220 Ton

27 9/16"x1/8"
15 3/4"x15/32"

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