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  • PP50 Portable Punching Machine with Marking Unit.

    Although the PP50 portable punching machine is the smallest in the Geka family and has changed very little over the years, we recently added a new functionality, rim and corner marking, making it even more essential for any mechanic’s workshop, boiler workshop, or metal structure construction company.


    The Hydracrop Series consists of hydraulic punching shears with two independent cylinders, which translates into two simultaneous workstations, both with a good speed generated by a powerful hydraulic unit. The Hydracrop 110PD has manual triple punching.


Tools, accessories and consumables for Geka ironworkers

Standard Accessories

Standard accessories for Geka machinery, punching devices, rectangular notching, cutting devices, spare parts for bending stations or flat bar cutters are some of the consumables which Geka provides for its clients via commercial contact or its online tool shop, Gekashop.

Optional Accessories

Optional accessories for Geka ironworkers for specific work such as notching grates, punching the ends of tubes, triangular notching or punching diameters of up to 4”.

Special Accessories

Special accessories are tools or add-ons for Geka ironworkers which can be requested upon demand. If you have any specific punching or cutting requirement, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us 

Tools families

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